ga Oscar's Adventures: Wine Time!

March 27, 2009

Wine Time!

We have been enjoying wine time in Adelaide much like Kath and Kim :)

The day before yesterday, just after Oscar did his wobbly standing trick (which he hasn't done since) we went out and about to visit the vinyards. We first went to the Jacobs Creek visitor centre where Oscar decided he was starving and I had to try and feed him a very orange lunch without spilling any in their very stylish looking wine tasting area.

Then we headed off to the Rockford winery where Jeremy did some serious tasing of very expensive wines. Oscar and I went for a wander around and saw the grapes being crushed and water being added to the vats.

On the way back we stopped for ice cream that was mixed on a frozen marble slab with any additions of sweets or chocolate that you could think of. Oscar and Jeremy were very impressed :)

Yesterday we went into Adelaide city with the Phillips clan. When we arrived in the centre we hopped on a tram to the seaside! The Glenelg beach was lovely with very fine white sand and lots of pretty shells, which Emmie and Charlotte would have liked us to take home! Down on the beach Oscar did some exploring on the sand, which included some patting, throwing and digging. No eating because he had already tried that one.

I would like to report that McDonalds has frozen coke in Australia! Very nice on a hot day :)

After our excursion down on the sand we ventured back into the city on the tram. We went to Rundell Mall, which isn't just a shopping centre. It is a street/walkway with streets of shops off it. During our wanderings Jeremy found a DVD of Bargearse and Simone found Oscar a Wiggles DVD! Apparently you can't come to Australia and not see the Wiggles!

We had a wander around the markets which you could smell from down the road, with many cheese stalls, purveyors of fine meats and cake and sweets stands. Oscar was very interested and because there was so much to see he didn't have a nap all afternoon.

On our way back to the car we found a leaflet about the giant rocking horse that is half an hour away so that is where we are going today.

There aren't any pictures to go with this blog yet because Jeremy realised that he has left his camera over at Jarrad's friends house and the pictures are trapped elsewhere!!

Jeremy and the other lads ate out at a friend's house last night where they had a boys barbeque of meat, meat and more meat. He obviously was so excited to be out and about without his nagging wife that he forgot to pick his camera up from the table.

Before it was confirmed that the camera was at the house, he was of course absolutely 100% positive that he had given the camera to me and that it was obviously my fault :) Ha ha. Now that we know the truth of the cameras whereabouts, it is 50% the camera's fault, 50% the car's fault and whatever is left over is Jeremy's fault!

All in all, a very relaxing time is being had by all in Adelaide :)


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