ga Oscar's Adventures: What's A CBD?

March 14, 2009

What's A CBD?

For all those of you who have just read Jeremy's post, a CBD is the Central Business Disctrict. We looked for the hammock district while walking around as we are sure a city like Sydney is bound to have one but we couldn't find it.

I would also like to make a correction to the amount of sleep that 'we' got on the flight. I did get a couple of hours on the Singapore - Sydney flight, that is factually correct, but only managed about 10 minutes on the London - Singapore because his most royal pickleness insisted on sleeping on my lap while doing a strange sleep dance routine! He was not willing to sleep with his feet sticking out of the basinette and refused to curl up. He was so tired on the Singapore - Sydney leg that he would have slept anywhere thank goodness.

Hello to everyone reading this back in Blighty!

Oscar has just gone to sleep (hopefully for the night) at his usual time of 7.30, having eaten all of his tea, disected a slice of bread and watched the bedtime hour on CBeebies with his drink of milk. It's like he hasn't left Huntingdon! He really is a creature of habit :)

After mine and Oscar's nap I did have to walk him around the hotel for quite a while so that Jeremy could have a quick nap because he was very sad :( teething is rubbish! Teething plus jetlag is even more rubbish! Bless him - he looked very pale, tired and small in his buggy. He did cheer up when I took him into the swimming pool area for a look and he saw the giant bath with a man swimming up and down in it.

Oscar and I were very excited to see the big Woolworths sign on one of the buildings in town and we invested in some link-a-dos and some stacking cups/bath toys - which have gone down very well this evening.

Jeremy and I spent quite alot of time today carrying Oscar in his buggy up and down flights of steps while we took in the sights of Sydney Harbour. No EU regulation disability ramps here! Not even in the visitor's centre!! It wasn't just at The Rocks that it wasn't buggy friendly either. The shopping centre where we popped in for a panini had a very well hidden lift (the person we asked wasn't entirely sure there was one), which wasn't sign posted and had the floors out of order on the button sequence for extra fun!! How strange. We did see a homeware shop reminiscent of Tru and Pru's shop from Kath and Kim on the way to the lift though.

While taking the air of Sydney this morning we saw the Opera House from the quay side and I have to report that:

a) it is wierd to see it for real after having seen it on the television and holiday brochures

b) it is alot smaller close to than I expected it to beand

c) it is actually cream in the flesh and not the shining white sails that are always depicted on holiday brochures

All in all, a fairly impressive piece of architechture. Not sure what was more exciting, the Opera House or Woolies ;D

Jeremy's has already talked about the big flag and the helicopters so I won't bore you with that again.

We had a really long walk around the city and it looks like a cross between London and San Fransisco. It was quite strange because everyone was driving on the left and it felt like we were somewhere very familiar but also very far away.

Jeremy has drawn the short straw this evening and has gone out to buy some provisions while I pickle sit. All is quiet on the Eastern front still so I am going to make the most of some peace and quiet and read my book!


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