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March 17, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

For the record - I have only packed a weeks worth of clothes for me and Oscar, if Jeremy has packed for a month that is his own business! And another thing - Oscar isn't precariously balanced on a tabletop to sleep (just to put your mind at rest mum). He is between the seating area, using the removed tabletop to make a flat area and wedged in so the travel cot is secure!!!

The night before we headed off down the road we took Oscar to the Sydney Aquarium. We decided to go in the evening so that it wasn't so crowded for the little man and we wouldn't have to queue! It meant that Oscar was staying up past his bedtime. On the way over to the aquarium Oz fell asleep :) We wended our way through the exhibits, looking for duck billed platypi (which were hiding), marvelling at how much the sleeping crocodile looked like it was made of plastic and thinking how we had been spoiled by the Monterey aquariums when we got down to the underwater exhibits. As we entered the dugong tanks Oscar sprang awake and started pointing and shouting at the sharks, fish and dugongs. How sailors ever mistook them for fair mermaids is still beyond me. Next we went into the deep sea underwater exhibit (didn't want to think about how many tonnes of water were pressing down on the glass at this point) where Oscar marvelled at more sharks, stingrays and a brain damaged turtle who had been hit by a boat and was bobbing around nose down.

Ozzie's very late night was the real reason for getting going late the next day as he had a lie in the next morning plus he had been rudely awoken in the night with a coughing fit (second night in a row) that saw poor old mummy soothing him back to sleep! So there!! He slept all night last night thank goodness.

Any way, we are at the next campsite somewhere in Australia :) Near Narooma as Jeremy says. We got off to a bit of a false start when we arrived as our pitch had no electricity jack for the camper van as a 'meet the Fockers' stylee wagon is taking up two pitches and has thrown all of the vans off their power points. So Jeremy had to move the camper across the way a bit.

Oscar has seen parrots in the trees here with much excitement!

As soon as we were settled and plugged in we got into our swimmers and sun block and walked down to the beach which is less than 100 metres walk from our pitch. The beach is beautiful, with white sands, very blue sea and rolling surf. You can hear the sea as we sit here in the afternoon sun. Oscar was a bit put out by the sea coming towards him so we stayed out of reach of it! At a safe distance Daddy and Oscar built a sand castle and Oscar sampled the sand for edibility. He soon discovered that there isn't much flavour to a sand castle.

On our way back to van we went and had a look at the pool and as we were already togged up we decided to take a dip. The pool is lovely and very warm. We took Oscar into the baby pool and had a splash and then we had a swim about in the infinity pool. Very nice in 25 degree sunshine. Oscar started to get tired so we brought him back to the camper and he is now sleeping off a very busy afternoon and we are drinking tea and eating TimTams.

TimTam count - 18 eaten so far.


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