ga Oscar's Adventures: Living It Up In The Hotel Australia!

March 14, 2009

Living It Up In The Hotel Australia!

I know that there aren't quite enough syllabuls to match "Hotel California" but I didn't want to pass up on the opportunity. I think we should include a bit about the hotel where we are staying in Darling Harbour, which is a urbanly restored port district right next to Sydney's city centre. The Oak's Goldsbrough Apartments are in a converted wool mill. From the outside it appears to be made of yellow and red bricks, but on the inside it looks more like a Victorian prison. Not to put the hotel down - because we're really enjoying the place - it could do with a wheelchair ramp or small lift on the ground floor to get people up to the first floor reception. But that's Sydney all over.

The apartments are quite plush. We've got a two room flat: an open kitchen and dining room takes up most of the floor space, and then a very spacious double bedroom gets most of what is left. The bathroom doubles up as a utility room, which means we can keep all our clothes clean (a must when you've got a baby and only a week's worth of attire.) The living room has a large TV set, with Foxtel satellite which means Baby O has CBeebies to distract him. Rae and I both agree that a couple could happily live in the hotel, and from some of the evidence I've seen it would appear that for parts of the year people do.

Darling Harbour itself is given over to shoppping, restaurants and entertainment so if we didn't have Oscar with us there would e plenty to see, do, drink and eat. The walk to the edge of the CBD only takes 5 minutes, and another 5 minutes to our favourite destination - Woolworths. If we were feeling lazy there is a light rail and monorail station directly opposite the Goldsbrough. We haven't used either yet, but perhaps we'll save some shoe leather and take an elevated tour of downtown Sydney, before we schlep up to the Harbour Bridge and cross over.


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