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March 15, 2009

21st Century Boys (& Girls)

Before coming to Australia I spent a fair amount of time learning about the culture by reading Bill Bryson's "Down Under", reading Australian newspapers and watching Neighbours. The one reoccuring theme, nay criticism of Australia was that it had never got past the 1970s in terms of fashion, music, cars, and all other aspects of life in general. Well I can report that this is patently not true because I sit writing this blog with a bottle of vanilla Coke next to me. Now the more astute of you will remember that this drink was only available in the US and UK during the summer of 2003. Well done Oz, you're catching up!

And speaking of Australian culture we watched Kath & Kim in situ, by which I mean we watched a classic Australian comedy in Australia, yesterday. Sadly the viewing did suffer from commercial breaks which of course we don't have to put up with when watching on the BBC or DVD. Still it was differtent, it was unique, it was unusual to see one of our favourite programmes on telly in its homeland.


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