ga Oscar's Adventures: Oscar's Stood!

March 25, 2009

Oscar's Stood!

Nothing to do with the holiday but the news that Oscar stood up all on his own is certainly an adventure.

Not 5 minutes ago Oscar was sat on his bum in Jarrad and Simone's kitchen, leaned forward to put his hands flat on the floor, and straightened his legs to put him in a strange chimpanzee crawling position. From there he lowered his centre of gravity by squatting and then pushed back with his arms so he was free squatting. From there he straightened his legs again and came into an almost balanced bipedal position. Then he sat down with little grace.

Of course we didn't have the camera at hand, and every attempt he's made since we fetched it hasn't been successful but we hope to bring you documentary proof before long.

This Kermit T Frog for Sesame Street Action News.


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