ga Oscar's Adventures: Having a Whale Of A Time

March 19, 2009

Having a Whale Of A Time

Today was one of the longer driving days with three hours in the saddle to cover the 200 kms. After taking one last stroll down to the sea to watch the sun rise we left the Island View Beach Resort in Narooma just after breakfast and headed south. The road soon turned inland and twisted and turned its way through the highlands of southern New South Wales, which accounts for the lengthier driving time.

We broke our journey at a rest spot overlooking Bega which, judging by the deforested hills and the number of cows, appeared to an important dairy area. The vista was fantastic and well worth the time spent supping on a cup of coffee and munching the last of our TimTams.

In a town called Eden we stopped again because I had read about a whaling museum with a different take on the industry. Not that I am into whaling, but the story told at the Eden Killer Whale Museum was a very interesting and well worth reading up on if you are so inclined.

Eventually we crossed into Victoria, turned off Princes Highway and pointed ourselves towards Mallacoota where we are currently in residence. Within ten minutes of arriving we experienced the famous Aussie hospitality when our neighbours popped across to say hello - an hour later we were all firm friends. The same happened again when we went to the communal barbeque to cook our tea. We ended up spending the rest of the night chatting to two "grey nomad" couples who devote half the year touring Australia with their caravans.

I have to say I'm really enjoying Australia and the laid back way of life they have over here. So I'm thinking of tearing up the return tickets. If anyone who wants us to come back you'd better start depositing large sums of money in our bank account ;)

PS Sorry about the lame title to this post. There's no excuse for cheap humour.


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